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“I finished reading this book a couple of weeks ago and was trying to think of the appropriate words that would express the tenderness that I felt for Beau, the wonderful star of this author’s novel. The other reviewers have stated their cases and mine perfectly … Jacqui Brown takes the reader on an emotional journey with Beau, the often loved, sometimes abused or ignored sweet puppy venturing through life in search of ultimately a forever home. Oh my. If this doesn’t compel the reader to want to rush to the local shelter to hug and perhaps adopt a sweet homeless puppy, I don’t know what else will. Well done, Ms. Brown!”

“Anyone who loves dogs is going to love this book! Touching, funny, compassionate!! Jacqui is one of my favorite writers, but I especially love this book, because it touches a very special place in the heart of every dog lover. Told from a dog’s perspective, you realize it’s not always easy living a “dog’s life” and she puts a unique spin on just how challenging it actually is. Laugh and cry as you read this book and then go give your dog a big kiss as you realize how lucky you both really are! Thanks Ms. Brown!!!”
“A lovely book about this endearing pooch desperately trying to find someone to call mans best friend. Adapting to all and any situation that life throws at him to have a place called home. There’s this saying, ”A dog may be only a part of your life, but to him he is your whole world”. That quote really struck home with me when I read this book. I felt for Beau, and can bet when you read this book you will feel it too. With so many twists and turns this book has to offer, your emotions won’t be able to keep up! I definitely recommend this book to pet and non-pet owners alike.”
“I wanted to rate 10 stars, but the only option is 5… not nearly enough, but OK… 5 it is! Beau (the star of this book) is beautiful, Jacqui (the author) is beautiful, in her writing and her caring for the characters in the story. Jacqui places the reader right inside Beau’s head. You will feel his angst, his pain, his joy, all the way through the book. Jacqui is (little ‘b’) beau, and I LOVE her writing! I cannot wait to read the sequel, “The Long Road To Heaven”. Well done Jacqui! And long live Beau!”
“This is an absolutely sweet book, a breezy emotional roller coaster chock-full of smiles, chuckles, guffaws and a few tears. Beau is as real as it gets, flaws and all. Yet how easy is it to get invested in these crazy canine adventures? Dog owners will recognize themselves (and their pups), sometimes with embarrassment and sometimes with affection. If ever a book was meant for the animated silver screen, this is it. And the end? Well let’s just say … the road beckons … as does the sequel. Bring it on Beau!”
“Loved it from the beginning to the end! Beau will absolutely steal your heart! It’s more than just a story about a dog. It’s also a story about life and lessons learned. Beautifully written! Very visual. I know I’m going to read it again and share with my friends.”
“A wonderful novel! Jacqui Brown never fails to delight me with her wonderful stories. This story made me see what Beau is going through, made me smile, laugh & cry. It even made me hate that mean kid across the street. I felt in love with Beau from the beginning. I felt his love for his boy, & his old girl, I wanted to go out & find him & take him home with me! I recommend this book to all dog lovers. Thanks Jacqui! Xoxo :)”
“Everything that rolls off the writing desk of Jacqui Brown sparkles with her uniquely humorous insights into human nature … or in this case I should say dog nature. We get to experience the world through the eyes of Beau the dog as he proceeds from puppyhood through a series of circumstances that keep his life interesting and the story moving. If you’ve ever looked at your dog and wondered what the world must be like from his point of view, then I highly recommend you dive in and let Beau fill you in. You won’t regret it!”
“I loved this book. Brown must have been channeling a dog while writing this amazingly told story of love, hope and a better future. You almost feel like you’re right there in the story taking every step with this brave dog. Beau is one of those dogs you want to cheer for, to root for because he’s just that kind of dog, puppy eyes and all. No matter how bad things get for him he never gives up. He adapts and just keeps going. His pursuit of happiness will make you both laugh out loud and cry at the same time. Can’t wait to read the next book so I can find out whether he finds his heaven or not.”
“Another great read from Jacqui Brown. Jacqui writes books the way she lives her life, no glossing over and take no prisoners. This book is about a dog called Beau. He had it all and life was great, but as with all things great, they have a habit of coming to an end. So Beau sets off on a travel of discovery to try and find again, what he once had, “A good life”. As with all good books, this will make you laugh and it will make you cry. How does Beau fare on his travels ? For that you will need to buy the book. Just saying. Trying To Avoid Cars…”
“This is so much more then the wonderful perspective of Beau and his struggles as a dog. This is a story about loss, love and the struggle for hope. Can’t wait to read the sequel “The Long Road To Heaven” Should be a must read for anyone lucky enough to be getting a pet and for anyone that wants a heart wrenching and heart warming experience!!”
“A wonderful fast reading adventure that everyone, young or older should take the time to read. You will laugh and you will cry along the way but you will want Beau as your new BFF, and he will be, if only in your thoughts. If you are not a dog lover, you should read this adventure anyways, you will fast become one and wonder what you were thinking and what you are missing in your life. If you are a dog lover, you will understand. Don’t miss this story, and don’t miss sharing it with those around you.”
“Love Jacqui Brown’s gifted writing style. she must be a dog owner since you can feel the pain and joy as Beau discovers his first family and the separation. I won’t ruin the surprises along the way since the book is a delight to read, especially if you have school children or want to offer a friend an uplifting, inspirational story. My wife is reading it now and sharing with her friends. Very well done Mrs. Brown you truly have heart and soul!!”
“Out of the mouth of Beau… Jacqui Brown’s “Trying To Avoid Cars” is an amazing book! Following Beau through his journey will bring you to tears and make you laugh. It’s a story of love and what a dog can do for us!! It’s a must read!!”
“I love to read any of Jacqui Brown’s books. She makes me laugh, she makes me cry. Love you Jacqui……”
“Jacqui Brown is a master at showing you the world from a unique perspective, and it’s always a viewpoint colored with her sense of humor and keen grasp of moving readers with strong emotions. In The Long Road To Heaven we continue to follow the journeys of Beau the dog as he struggles to find what he needs most in life. Like any dog Beau loves him a good meal, but it turns out his ultimate needs go deeper than that. You’ll find yourself pulling for him every step of the way as he strives to come up with a dog’s version of heaven. If you’re a dog lover, you’ll love this romp through a dog’s life. Well done!!”
“Having read the first book about a dog named Beau,and having enjoyed the first book in this 2 part series, I just had to know how this amazing and intrepid animal got on in his quest for the good life that he once enjoyed. As with the first book, I was not disappointed. This book plots Beau’s journey back to a better life and takes him on his onward journey to realize his dreams. I highly recommended this second book “The long road to heaven”, but if you have not read the first book, then it is a must to read that one first “Trying to avoid cars”. Both books are well worth the read, and Jacqui Brown seems to have empathy with her subjects be them human or animal.”
“After finishing “Trying to Avoid Cars” I took with me, on vacation, “The Long Road to Heaven.” I had fun reading the adventures of Beau as I traveled through the bush of Africa and without realizing it, I learned so much more about myself. Beau is the most wonderful friend to all those he encountered, the true meaning of “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.” You will continue to laugh, cry and not want to put this fast reading book down till you get to the last page of this adventure and see what happens to Beau as he travels through his life.”
“Just finished the amazing sequel to “Trying to Avoid Cars” and absolutely love this was so heartbreaking and heartwarming. Beau and his journey reflect so many life lessons..the unbroken spirit of one who is able to persevere through devastating losses all for love..the only thing really worth the struggle..A great read for anyone who has loved with all their heart!”

“Jacqui, Jacqui, Jacqui! Jacqui Brown. Yesterday I finished “Trying To Avoid Cars”, and immediately began reading “The Long Road to Heaven”. OMG! I will never look at dogs the same way again. Thank goodness you sent both books, because having to stop at the end of TTAC without the sequel would have been torture!!!! Your writing is amazing! You captured the essence of the canine species; their emotions, their habits, their physical attributes. The “layers” in the sequel, that brought out the story and plight of others like HeyYouYeahYou, Leo & Cramer, and the deer were so well presented; I felt like I was on the journey with Beau. You are a gifted writer. Please add another volume to Beau’s life. Pleeeeease??!!! THANK YOU!!! All dog lovers should read these books.”


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