Why The New Rules?

Sometimes you fall asleep at the wheel of life because you’ve been driving way too long down the same road with the same results, only to arrive at the very same place you’re trying to escape.

…sometimes a little detour can open your eyes.

…if you crash and burn repeatedly, because this has been your wheelhouse up till now, it’s time to change.

…when emotional damage is your sole guide you’re likely always headed in the wrong direction for healing.

…you see the signs along the road and know full well they have been put there to guide you but choose anyway to ignore their messages.

…you get lost on occasion because you grow weary of trying to figure ‘it’ out all the time!

…it is, after all, easier to stay the course because of its familiar feeling.

…being in a rut and stuck there, means you have given up hope, and without hope, your pain will never subside.

…change sucks, but when you realize that something is broken within, you must conclude that it is time to get out the tools and do a little fixing.

…life get’s tough here and there when you’re constantly sitting on that old fence you’ve become so accustomed to so you don’t have to make choices.

…what’s the worst that can happen if you take that leap of faith that’s trying so desperately to emerge?

…again, it boils down to your pain threshold and accepting the idea of holding on to it and feeling miserable, or allowing a change to occur so you can live pain free!

…we get so caught up in our life’s minutia and the lives attached to us by marriage, by birth, by friendship, by complacent thinking among other things, that we lose track and get lost in everyday minutia.

…we find our happiness stuttering and stalling and sometimes we let ourselves fall prey to that old self-dialogue that we are getting what we deserve.


…well guess what?

…you deserve better!

…you deserve it all!

…you deserve to be happy!


…you deserve a life filled with joy no matter what has come and gone in your life!

…you need to stop revisiting the past because it’s old, it’s water under the bridge, it’s gone!

…no matter how hard you try, you CANNOT change it! So stop looking over your shoulder because, no matter how hard you look, no matter how hard you try to see it…it’s not there anymore!


…poof, gone!


…today is the only day that matters.

…this is where you begin!


…if you have cried enough tears mourning your past, maybe now it’s time to build a bridge over those troubled waters.


…so let’s journey through some of the things that are holding you back and build that bridge.

…let’s begin by learning to swim again without the water wings you so desperately hang on to because you fear drowning in your own pity pool.


…let’s start L I V I N G Forward!

…let’s heal ourselves collectively!

…you know you want to!





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