Someday, I’m going to do this!

Someday, I’m going to be that!

Someday, I’m going to have it all!

Someday, someday, someday!


How many moments, weeks, months, or years have you used the word ‘someday’ without ever taking any action towards achieving whatever that something represents? Those ‘daydreams’ of how you want to be are the roads often taken when we put off risking to take a chance. The daydream may feel good for a while, but then there’s an emotional toll that takes place, one that you might not even be aware of. It’s our brain’s way of making us feel emotionally stable and emotionally unbalanced all at once.

A someday without an actual goal and start date is pointless because, without both of these things in place, your brain takes the opportunity to resist the actual work it takes to achieve anything, thus pushing your true desire farther away instead of bringing it into the ‘now’ moment. Your brain will lock down that thinking and every excuse you’ve ever used so that you never actually have to take those two steps forward will be the only thing that resonates to keep you right where you are – in someday land! It will make you feel like that rabbit that never chases the carrot even though the carrot is dangling there right in front of it.

The moment the word someday lands in your brain or falls from your lips, you have to catch yourself and start replacing it with – what’s wrong with today being my someday? What have I got to lose? What if I could make it all happen?

Why do we stop ourselves from ‘today’ moments? We do it because we fear. We fear failure. We fear maybe we’re not worthy of what we desire. We fear being judged. We fear we’re not ready to change yet. We fear we don’t deserve it. We fear being embarrased if it doesn’t work out. Here’s the thing though. If you have carried that fear around with you, year after year, without just going for it, then the chances are, you’re going to realize, as more years slip by, you’ll have missed so many golden opportunities to kill all those fears once and for all just by doing what you wanted to do. Ask yourself this: How many times have you said, Oh, I should have done that years ago? 

What if I told you to let go of your expectations and just take flight? What if you stopped preconceiving the outcome of everything ahead of time? The bottom line is, if you’re trying to do something that you’ve never done before, how the hell can you possibly know how it’s going to turn out? Something to ponder, for sure.

“You’ll never know until you try!”

All you’re really doing by standing still in all your someday’s, is opening the vault to all the excuses, to all the procrastination tactics you’ve perfected over the years.  That kind of stillness will never allow you to rise above anything because you’re okay with the familiarity of where you are right now – wanting more but doing nothing to get it!

You have to facilitate the changes you want in your life! There are no silver platters anymore. The ‘sure thing’ is a thing of the past. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s easy! Thing is, if you don’t ever go for it, you’ll never know if achieving ‘it’ could’ve been the very thing to turn your entire world around! You’re worth a few risks, don’t you think?

Maybe today’s a good day to look at one thing that’s been burning a hole in your pocket and see if you’re ready to chase it now. Surely you’ve grown from when that ‘someday’ popped into your mind. You probably have many tools in your arsenal than you’re not giving yourself credit for. Maybe you’ve expanded your circle of friends and there is a mentor among them. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help! You never know where the best advice or miracles come from. Just go for it. The last thing you want to do is leave this world regretting all your regrets!

Be a badass today. Challange yourself. Step up to the plate. Don’t give yourself one more reason to beat yourself up! You CAN do it!


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2 Responses to Someday…

  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    I like the way you wrote this blog. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jbwritergirl says:

    Thank you, Chris!!!


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