Let The Light In…

Life is quirky!

Sometimes you have to allow the ‘break’ to happen!

When your armor begins to fissure…
when your walls begin to crumble…
when you feel your heart opening up to accept the raw truth of your life…
when your soul begins the dance of death because surly there can be no other outcome because of how you are thinking about it RIGHT NOW…

it is then you NEED to realize…
you WILL realize..
you MUST realize…

it is not death coming for you!
It is something WAY far better than…OVER!
It’s that new beginning you need, showing up right when you need it!

It’s the light turning on in your brain, is what it is!
It’s trying to get your attention, trying to tell you to think and see things in NEW ways!
It’s lighting up the path for you to see the life you’ve been searching for!
It’s trying to get up and under all of your self-made barriers and defenses!
The ones you put there for protection against ‘what may come’!

That little speck of light…please, stop and recognize it for what it is!

That’s the ‘starting’ place…
the one you’ve so skillfully ignored out of fear…
out of thinking ‘why me’, ‘what now’, ‘what-the-fuck’?

That little speck of light could be just the miracle you’ve been waiting for!

Don’t be afraid of it!
Let it shine in you!
Let it start healing you!

Let it bring you comfort and relief!

Let it bring you the miracle you need today!
Let it be your beacon of hope!
Your guiding light!

let that ‘BREAK’ happen!

Let it move you towards a better, more perfect solution in your imperfectly perfect life!
Today is your new start date!

What a great day it’s going to be!!!


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Author, Mother, Goddess, Comedian
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2 Responses to Let The Light In…

  1. Michael Lynn says:

    I enjoyed this post. It would have been very timely for me just a few months ago. I am on the upswing now from the loss of three of the most important women in my life in the span of nine months. My mother-in-law, my mother, and then it was my wife who died this past January. Yes, it’s been rough. But, I’m feeling better every day. Thanks for your encouraging posts.


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