Put Your Have Not’s Away TODAY…

Do not betray everything you believe in to reach your success,

because if you do

you will still be unhappy inside your heart no matter what you accomplished!

Work hard, step by step, holding high your own integrity!

Look at your life as a collective entity rather than in bits and pieces!

Those bits…

those pieces…

they are the very things that try to bring you down…

to keep you sad…

to keep you in your place at a standstill!

When you hold all that you are, and all that you have in one vision,

one single picture,

it becomes so much easier to see all the goodness in your life.

It is how you will recognize your collective self…

the big picture…

the parts that keep you getting up out of bed each day…

the part that reminds you that some days are just fucking bad!

And yes!

We ALL have bad fucking days!

When you refuse to focus on your have nots,

your have’s will keep you lifted in a way better place!

They will make you rise and shine!

They will make you feel that you are strong enough to push through those bad days!

So go on…





look at the big picture today!

Rock your own world!


About jbwritergirl

Author, Mother, Goddess, Comedian
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