Working Through The Wall…

Every one of us can hit the wall!

Sometimes it’s a big one…


One that you think no ladder can scale!

One that no hammer can break apart!

One that stops us dead in our tracks!

It’s up to you to tear it down!

You need to chisel away at it–

bit by bit–

block by block–

inch by inch–

because the other side of it…

the other side holds your freedom,

holds your right to be happy,

your right to be joyous

your right to live harmoniously!

only when you get to the other side

will you understand that it was you…


complicating the journey all along!

When you stop being the roadblock in your own journey

your world expands to the greatness you’ve been searching for!


So get out your chisel,

your hammer

and your courage

and have at it.

Start tearing down that wall!


About jbwritergirl

Author, Mother, Goddess, Comedian
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