Every day we have the opportunity to start new again.


We are given new opportunities, new challenges, new ideas and new ways of thinking!

We get do-over opportunities all the time, if we want them!

When we allow ourselves to see, to truly understand that we have that power, we create something new in ourselves.

That new thing…..

It’s called HOPE!

If you allow yourself to see HOPE and believe in it with all your heart…

when you use hope as the reason to get out of bed every day…

something changes inside of you!

You start believing in yourself again.

You begin to realize that you can re-mold, reshape and reinvent your life with every dawn that arrives.

New thinking gives your dreams the opportunity to bust a move,

IF you want them to,

IF you allow them to!

That’s your do-over moment!

Seize that opportunity every time you can!


Take your dream out of that box you hid it in!

Rip open that envelope you sealed it up in when it felt unreachable!

Open up that closet door and let it out!

Pull it out from under the bed!

Grab it and shake it up!

Make it see that it is your destination!

Go for it!

Make that dream come true!


About jbwritergirl

Author, Mother, Goddess, Comedian
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