If you are stuck in your own head as you face your problems,

you will never be free!




as in change–

must happen at this point

in order for happiness to take its place.


When you direct all your focus elsewhere–

ANYWHERE other than on YOUR problems–

you will see something new start developing in your head!

You will start to see that some of those things that you say are your problems, well, you have been building them up by your own hand,

by your own imagination!

You have been building them into something bigger than what they really are, because you’ve piled one worry on top of another on top of another, day-after-day!



D – drop your expectations

I – involve yourself in service to others

V – vague ideas can turn into unexpected treasures

E – engage change and you will flourish

R – ride the wave of every little success as you move foward

S – surprise yourself by losing the drama in your life

I – invest in your dreams

O – own your choices

N – never quit becoming kinder to yourself

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Author, Mother, Goddess, Comedian
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