You Are Currently Where You Are Supposed To Be…

If you really want to just get on with your life…

try unloading all those preconceived notions and idea’s that you were supposed to be:

-at a certain place in your life at this age

-that you should have accomplished this or that by this age

-that you should have had all that you wanted by this age

-that you/it/they should be………blah, blah, blah!

That shit is holding you back from enjoying where you are right now…

in your life…


Yes, keep moving forward towards you goals,

but please,

don’t let your goals pull you under because they have not arrived already!

Learn to enjoy the trip.

Life was never meant to be endured.

It is meant to be lived and to be lived in this current moment!


Go on with your bad selves and shine in this exact moment!

You know you want to!


About jbwritergirl

Author, Mother, Goddess, Comedian
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