Shift And Release…

If you are continuously in a battle

with your emotions—

you should ask yourself this—


Why do I constantly resist everything?

Why does everything feel like a tug of war?

Why does everything feel like an uphill battle?

Why can’t I just feel happy?


When you answer these questions with real truth,

you will realize that you have not found balance

in YOUR own reality!


You are battling everything

because you see yourself in someone else’s reality!


When you shift your thinking—

When you release your need to fit into someone else’s shoes and accept that




…your battles will start diminishing right before your very eyes!

Your heart will fill with ENOUGH!

You will begin to see that that happiness you seek…

it’s right there…

waiting for you to see it…

waiting for you to allow yourself to feel it!


ask and answer these question


you will be free!

Q: Are you ready to be free?

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Author, Mother, Goddess, Comedian
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4 Responses to Shift And Release…

  1. joedalio says:

    Thank you for the excellent post! It’s a great reminder that a simple shift in our thinking can be the key to ending struggles. I’ve learned that taking even a minute or two of this internal shift can make a world of difference in my external circumstances 🙂


  2. Dave Malnes says:

    I like the word “shift”. Like a manual transmission on a car, (I know, typical guy) you need to shift gears or you will not get anywhere quickly. When we shift Christ in place of yourself — we arrive sooner to our intended path — namely peace, comfort, wisdom in Christ. Thank you.


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