Enough Is More…

If you are unable to recognize and enjoy the success you have right now,

no matter where you go from where you are right now…

it will never be enough!

When you finally realize that always wanting more

always leads to the feeling that you have less…

you will come to understand that ENOUGH IS MORE!

It always has been!


Q: Will you allow your current success to satisfy you?


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3 Responses to Enough Is More…

  1. quorky11 says:

    Is self worth measured in success or materialism, or is it more based on the lives we influence and help around us? Could you not say that giving to charity or donating time counts as a personal success- in that case enough is most definitely more! I have recently written an article on my blog about charity and how it increases self worth, which I think fits very well with your amazing and inspirational post


    • jbwritergirl says:

      Charity, which derives from the heart, is the best success you can hope for! Your article was beautiful. The bottom line is, when you close your eyes at night and you ask yourself, ‘did I do something to better someone else’s life’, ‘did I do something for the greater good’ and not need anything in return except for feeling good about my choice? If you answer ‘yes’, then charity is definitively success!


      • quorky11 says:

        Thank you! and yes I definitely agree that if you can agree with yourself that helping other people is more satisfying than personal gain then that is the greatest success.

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