Trial’s & Triumph’s…They Are All Lessons!

If you did not receive the message of ‘love yourself’ as a child, know this…

it is a learned art!

We were given what our givers were given…

sometimes more, sometimes less!

‘Loving yourself’ comes to you when you want more…

when you need more…

when you understand you can have more…

if you want it and you’re willing to go for it!

We are all given trials and triumph’s along the way!

The trials come to stretch you,

to bend you,

to try to break you…


‘loving yourself’ is the cure that abates the trials,

which leads you right back to what you truly want…

those great fucking TRIUMPH’S that make your heart beat a little faster, a little stronger, a little more sure of yourself!

Those triumph’s, no matter how big or small, have come to ensure you,

to applaud you,

to make you know one thing…

you’ve gotten it right!

That you are stronger than you thought…

That you are so completely and totally awesome!

Knowing, understanding and accepting that your triumphant moment may be just around the corner will always motivate you to just keep going forward!

Think positive, act positive, accept positive…

and the rewards will come!


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Author, Mother, Goddess, Comedian
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