Joy & Gratitude…

When joy and gratitude cease to run in harmony…

in symphony…

as a perfect union…

as one entity…

things begins to undo us.


We start to fall apart,

stitch by stitch,

from one moment to the next.


That’s when we find ourselves working in fear and disharmony because,

we lose so much when hope dissolves,

when the two separate!


You need to summon up all of your power

and hold these two things together so tightly

there’s no possible way they can elude each other!

Only together can they create the moments you are trying to make reality.


When you do this, both joy and gratitude will bring you a feeling of solitude and peace within your heart!

That’s what creates the seam that will hold you together…

stitch by stitch!


You already have what you need to create this perfect union!


Be in tune with what you really want!

Put your joy and gratitude in the same place

and it will come to you!


About jbwritergirl

Author, Mother, Goddess, Comedian
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