Building A Team…

Teach your children about hope!

Hope keeps doors open!

It keeps your heart beating in anticipation!

It keeps your spirit alive!

It keeps you from falling apart!


Teach your children about love!

Love makes everything possible!

It makes you see the world differently!

It makes you connect to everything!

It makes you part of something bigger!


Teach your children about optimism!

Optimism keeps your dreams alive!

It keeps opportunity in perspective!

It keeps you on your toes!

It keeps you moving forward!


Teach your children about charity!

Charity keeps you living selflessly!

It makes you grow in ways you’ve never dreamed!

It makes you truly understand what ‘have’ and ‘have not’ is!

If given freely, without expectations of getting something in return, it builds character!




It’s a winning team!

Teach your children to be team players and they will flourish!


About jbwritergirl

Author, Mother, Goddess, Comedian
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