Why People Come Into Your Life…

There are two kinds of people who will constantly come into your life!

The first one…

They come to help you set sail, to man the oars, to help you bail water, to steer you towards the wind so your sails will be full, so your journey becomes a little more effortless.

They are the life savers who will willingly, without a second thought, toss the water wings to you when you feel you are sinking.

They bring you joy and hope and love and laughter!

The other…

They are the dark wave that comes to try and drown you!

They are like seaweed that tries to pull you under, they try to pull you down to where they are because misery loves company!

Both of these people are lessons!

One comes to let you see what you want, need, or have to have in your life so you feel fulfilled…

the other comes to teach you what you can no longer live with, nor can tolerate any longer in your life.

Pick only the people who have nothing to gain from you by being in your life

because those people…

They want you to survive, to thrive

To enjoy your blessings every day of your life so long as they’re in it with you!


About jbwritergirl

Author, Mother, Goddess, Comedian
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