Quieting The Storm…

When you fully recognize and believe in your own life…


your own right to be happy…

your own right to experience gratitude…

your own right to fill your heart with soulful joy…

your own right to love without restriction…

your own right to embrace yourself as is flaws and all…

your own right to fulfill your dreams and desires…

your own right to become truly authentic in your own skin…


…you will fully understand that life is a process

a guided tour

a rollercoaster

a stumble and tumble mat

an opportunity to encounter challenges set before you to make you stronger

to make you enlightened

to show you that you’ve always had what it takes

to get to the next level


when you’re ready to come out of the storm

~the one you or someone else created~

you will emerge a victor

a quiet hero

who now understands that storms most often come to help you switch directions

because you’ve been blinded by your indecision or fear

to take the next step on this wonderful journey

called life

seek the quiet

experience the peace


About jbwritergirl

Author, Mother, Goddess, Comedian
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