Renewing Yourself One Stitch At A Time…

Do not unravel your life without purpose!

When you see that the threads have come loose…
When you feel like you’re losing it…
When you feel losses outweigh gains…
When the light at the end of the tunnel becomes a dull throb in your head and your heart making you feel like you’ll never reach it…
When you feel that getting out of bed is purposeless…
When you no longer want to spend your energy on anything because it’s pointless…
When trying becomes pure agony…
When the next shoe falls…
When the cradle breaks…
When you feel out of control…
When you want to throw in the towel…


Do not punish yourself for unraveling.


You are in a process…
A period of reawakening your spirit…


Your spirit is sending you a sign that it needs more!
That it wants, desires, can’t live without it more!
It needs you to breathe new life into it!
It wants you to shine like a brand new penny that is ready to be spent!
It wants to fill you with joy!
It wants you to put away your old fears and frustrations!
It wants to thrive inside and out!

Unraveling is NOT pointless!

It is how you school your head and heart to work together
to make you sign up again for happy
to make you see
that YOU have all the power
to unravel a new life
where imperfection and perfection
become a beautifully tossed together mess
that does not need anything more than
to be served to you on a silver platter!



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4 Responses to Renewing Yourself One Stitch At A Time…

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  2. lisasretro says:

    Reblogged this on lovemylifeanyway and commented:
    The blog entry I’d write if I could put all the words together. Plus I need to read this. Often.

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  3. Beautiful and SO RIGHT ON!! I’m finding that in my restless times, I start getting excited because I know something is on the horizon. Thank you for your eloquent words.


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