If you find yourself always living at the edge of truly feeling good

It’s time to spring clean your mind of old things and old thinking!

Start by cleaning out your REAL closet!

Toss out everything that no longer fits you, fits who you are now, fits how you feel about yourself.

Stop hanging on to things you wish fit you again because they won’t.

They were ‘then’ … but you are ‘now’!

You are different now, today, in this moment as you read this.

You’ve lived forward.

Yesterdays fashions no longer suit you!

Get rid of the old and try on something new, something fitting, something that actually flatters who you are now!

Go  on with your bad self and become authentic and real in this very moment!

You will suddenly find yourself connected in a whole new way to your life as it is today!

Be your own trendsetter and start living beyond yesterday!


About jbwritergirl

Author, Mother, Goddess, Comedian
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